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How did that paint get on my car?

Who cares how your car is painted as long as it's shiny pretty, right?

Well the story is that the paint was shot out of a gun onto your car,

that's right BAM! SHOT OUT OF A GUN!

but it wasn't always like that... Once upon a time a guy named Henry Ford he had a moving assembly line and somewhere along this "line" guys with paint brushes and all sorts of funny smelling shellacs and varnishes hand painted the car. Your paint job could be complete in about 40 days. But that was 1913, folks had time to wait for paint dry. The 1920's came roaring in and so did the pace of life, everything was faster. Was about 1924 when automotive painter's started shooting cars. The DeVibliss pressurized and atomized quick change spray paint gun with a two to three day dry time, man it didn't get any better than that. Times change, we are pulling the trigger on the SATA brand here at O&E AUTOBODY and paint pots of old are recycled into planters. Stop in and see us, we will shot your car with color.

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